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We appreciated their timely arrival and the fact they each evening they left our premises very neat and tidy; all debris collected and swept with supplies and equipment safely stowed. Colin and his courteous, professional crew worked quickly and efficiently. We found them to be very respectful to us, our neighbours and our property. We are pleased to highly recommend this company for job they did, that included a repair to damage later caused by subsequent contractors. In a crowded market, you need a roofing company with the expertise you can rely on.
Future generations face a poorer and far less habitable Earth if we do not. Roofing decisions have an important role to play in this regard. Shell Busey & 21st Century Roofers Ltd. have been affiliated for years. We recently did a cedar conversion to asphalt shingles for one of his daughters. With a team of experienced professionals having utmost sincerity in work, New World Roofing has become the most preferred name for purchasing sophisticated roof ventilators. New World Roofing understands that your residence is extremely important to you.

We’ll determine if it has failed and needs replacement, or if there is an issue with the surrounding roof that needs to be repaired. Affordable Price Since this a family run business, we have managed to keep our prices low without compromising on quality. B-Cheema Roofing has been proudly serving Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond, White Rock, Langley, Burnaby, North Vancouver, and the Lower Mainland since 1989. Specializing in all types of roofing, you can feel confident in the reputation we have built. The industry choice for high performance roofing solutions; over 100 years working with rubber and polymer technology and over 40 years in the roofing industry. Leading Canadian manufacturer of skylights, based in British Columbia, serving the Canadian marketplace for over 65 years.
If you are ever not sure about what to do, ask a roofing professional as they will be able to assess the situation. Gutters can often be a neglected part of your house, but its maintenance and cleanliness is extremely important. Over time, leaves and other debris ends up in your gutter, and this build-up can cause your gutter to clog and not flow effectively. This means any run-off may pool in undesirable areas, such as in the foundation of your home! We remove moss, leaves, and build-up from other debris so your gutters will drain properly and prevent leaks from occurring. We are committed to providing you only the finest in roofing and realize that your time is valuable.

Besides the workers, we also have the best equipment to ensure that you get the best work standards in your home or place of business. If you have a fallen, peeling, dented, rusting, or leaking gutter, it may be time to upgrade or fully replace your gutter system. We offer seamless aluminum gutters, half-round steel gutters, and euro-style copper gutters. And for the inventive homeowner, we offer completely custom design gutters in color, profile, and material. We also recommend AluRex gutter screening for homes located near forested areas, to keep your gutters clog free and flowing throughout the Fall season.
Our professional cleaning, gutter installations and other services will make your home shine! From sparkling window cleaning, to properly flowing gutters, and a moss-free roof, we can bring back that new-house look. His company has been recognized as an industry leader in quality workmanship, customer satisfaction, and customer reliability and is Committed towards excellent customer service.
With our state of the art roof leak detection methods, we can prevent lasting damage and unnecessary costs. Cracks and blistering on your roof can be issues further down the line, and our roofing experts will make sure you have the solutions you need to save money down the road. Another reason clients love our services is that we offer them competitive rates. We believe that clients need services they can afford to keep their homes in order. If you need cleaning for your chimney, then expect the price of our service to be within an affordable range.

If your skylight isn’t all you want it to be right now, we can help make it that way. Having a clean, working, intact chimney is vital to the health of your home and its occupants. Neglecting outside chimney deterioration such as leaks or moisture, cracks, moss build-up, or chipping paint can prevent mould, smoke damage, or a partial collapse! Cleaning out your chimney can prevent chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning, and regular maintenance will prolong its life to ensure you won’t have to do a full replacement/rebuild. Just call us on the given numbers and our professional roofers will get in touch with ASAP. When you insist on the Integrity Roof System™ and a SELECT Shingle Master™ Roofing Contractor, you get roofers that are held to the highest standards in the roofing profession.
The older a roof is, the more susceptible it is to damage from the elements, and sometimes a new roof can be more cost-effective than repairing one that has reached its lifespan. Of course, if you have an obvious leak, you should contact a Surrey Roofing professional right away. We have a 24-hour emergency response line and we are always ready to help. We recommend you perform a visual inspection of your roof throughout the year. If you are in need of an experienced roofer in Surrey, then you need Friendly Roofer.

They use high quality materials and were efficient and hardworking. We are very satisfied with them and felt they went the extra mile. Contact us today and learn how Adanac uses aerial imaging to safely provide your roofing quote. Create your free business listing and have customers contact you about their next project. We’ll come out to your Surrey BC area home and inspect your skylight.
We provide excellent reroofing services at best possible rates in the market. New World Roofing would the best place to get high quality wind driven roofs. Friendly Roof Specialists offering roof and gutter repairs, installations and replacements to home owners and businesses in the lower mainland. The owner Duane, are working with the crew, in fact my husband compliments him and remind him when he just starting his business. Very accommodating, knows what he does, He deliver what he say. My husband was very pleased for the work the Sure Shield crew done.

Multifamily and strata buildings are considered residential structures, but they require the expertise of commercial building roofers. If you notice or suspect that your roof has sustained damage, call Surlang Roofing. We can dispatch a journeyman service technician to begin fixing your roof immediately. While a damaged roof can often be repaired, re-roofing or replacement is sometimes necessary.
We service our growing roster of industrial, commercial and institutional clients providing innovative, superior installations across BC and Ontario. Over time leaves and debris build up on your roof, causing water to not runoff properly. Clogged drains can not only cause water to pool on your roof, but it could create a fire hazard as well. Wind, rain, and other elemental problems can tear away shingles or even entire sections of your roof, leaving it vulnerable and causing water damage. Surrey Roofing has the experience to locate these problems and correct them fast, making your home safe and your roof last longer. We are very happy with the roof and appreciate the excellent service.
Today, we operate a fleet of trucks with the top gutter installation team in Surrey who are fully insured and trained in fall protection safety, man lift operation and first-aid. Our Surrey gutter experts provide our customers with all of the product knowledge and technical know-how, so they receive a high-quality and cost-effective gutter system. To back it all up, we promise to paragon roofing BC deliver fair pricing, efficient turnaround times and the best warranty on parts and labour around Surrey. We provide the most reliable and attractive range of gutter solutions for residential, strata and commercial properties in the Surrey area. Whether you are looking for standard 5-6” continuous gutters or premium copper or zinc gutters, we can meet all of your gutter needs.

2 days later I got a message that Matt himself had come out and already completed the repair and less than quoted. If the leaking is causing a lot of damage, get on the phone and call a roofing company to get that looked at. The most common reason for water to be dripping behind your gutters is probably because there was no drip edge installed. Your roof’s drip edge is a very key component to any properly functioning roof and gutter system.

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