Black Diamond Services was born in the wee hours of the night. What started as a side hustle, quickly developed into a full-service cleaning company. Also, I remember someone posting their carpet cleaning service here...Great price compared past cleaning services I have had. We use the best carpet cleaning methods such as hot water extraction, ste… Read More

Once you are ready, start by massaging the foot using circular motions with your thumb. While there is no conclusive reason for this disparity, scientists believe that the effect of sex hormones and the trigeminal nerve appears to have an important role. Part of this is due to the effect of estrogen on nerve cells and blood vessels, making women mo… Read More

On completion of the contract, you will be required to leave a holding deposit to secure the property – the minimum holding deposit accepted is £1,000 or the equivalent. At this point, a date will be set for you to pay the full deposit, which is usually 1% to 2% of the property’s purchase value. After signing a contract, the process should tak… Read More

We do our best to meet all your needs on every job we complete. Annual filings will also have to address “any material changes” to the project and explain any cost overruns. Dominion said in a news release that because offshore wind turbines have no fuel costs, the project is expected to save Virginia customers more than $3 billion during its f… Read More

Virginia has around 35–45 days with thunderstorms annually, and storms are common in the late afternoon and evenings between April and September. These months are also the most common for tornadoes, fifteen of which touched down in the Commonwealth in 2020. Virginia only received 13.1 inches of snow during winter 2018–19, just above the state's… Read More